Monday, July 22, 2013

Movies, Movies and More Movies!

I haven't posted my movie reviews in awhile on here. I know Liz Seckman trusts my recommendations. With that said, here's my mini reviews instead of my full-fledged reviews.
I laughed my head off while watching The Heat. This film delivered excellent chemistry between Ashburn (Bullock) and Mullins (McCarthy). B
I hated everything, except the fast moving zombies in World War Z. I didn't have fun at this film at all. I wish I never had seen World War Z in the cinema. I wasted two hours of my life. D
White House Down reminded me of Olympus Has Fallen. I had a blast watching this film. Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx delivered passable performances and decent comic relief. Tatum is smokin' hot onscreen. The White House is down in Hollywood. Let's celebrate! B
The Lone Ranger is a well executed mess. The narrative (the elder Tonto telling a young boy his story) didn't enhance the story. Nothing worked well in this film. The Lone Ranger had consistent effort, but failed to make something standout. D
Monsters University isn't as awesome as Monsters Inc. Monsters University delivered consistent laughs, stunning animation, excellent voices by the cast, and a formulaic story. This film has a strong message about friendship and never giving up. B
Despicable Me is always the best of the franchise. The minions steal the show every time. I want to adopt the minions. Despicable Me 2 is almost as excellent as the original. I laughed my head off and enjoyed it immensely. I can't wait to see Despicable Me 3! B+
Grown Up 2 is worse than Grown Ups. Grown Ups 2 is the stupidest film I've seen this year thus far. This film lacks a story and a message. I laughed my head off for no reason. The humor came at the wrong times and moments. Don't see Grown Ups 2 to save your soul. D-
I wasn't interested seeing Pacific Rim on the big screen at first. I read awesome word-of-mouth on Facebook and Twitter. My friends convinced me to see this film. The trailers made Pacific Rim look terrible and in the end, I enjoyed myself.
Pacific Rim delivered stunning visuals, strong chemistry between the actors, intriguing subplot, and some memorable sequences. The first five minutes draws you in immediately. The story is stupid and thin. The action sequences are never ending and overlong. I had fun watching Pacific Rim for most of the time. I wanted more of the monster science! The most surprising film I've seen this year. B


  1. LOVED the short "clips"/reviews :)

  2. Trust me, my soul is safe from Grown Ups 2!

  3. The reviews for World War Z has always been mixed. Monsters University was amazing for me. Need to see Pacific Rim. Not planning to go see D2 but will definitely go to the Minions movie when it comes out. Thanks for sharing your reviews and I pretty much doubted I'd see Grown Ups 2 in theaters.