Thursday, June 13, 2013

Man of Steel

Directed by Zack Snyder
In theatres tomorrow!
I recently gained interest in Man of Steel. I heard of the film numerous times before, but it didn't cross my mind until I had seen the trailer one month ago in theatres. Now I'm literally dying to see Man of Steel! Seriously, this is my MUST-SEE of the Summer.
My expectations are insanely ridiculous for Man of Steel. Even more ridiculous than what I had for The Great Gatsby. The trailers look EPIC. Henry Cavill is handsome eye-candy and imagine him in the film ... a smokin' hot Clark Kent/Superman.
It seems everyone is looking forward to Man of Steel. I'm late to the party, but who cares? This will be the ultimate Summer Blockbuster besides Iron Man 3. It will make millions of dollars at the domestic and foreign box-office.
I hope Man of Steel is able to stand out from the other superhero films. It must amaze me from the first frame to the last. This film should be pure awesomeness like Star Trek Into Darkness, but I don't know for sure. I want to be transported to another world for two hours. Despite my very high expectations, I think I'll walk out of theatre disappointed.
I'm not putting my expectations any higher or lower than what I have them now. I may or may not be generous to Man of Steel when I write my review. It depends on many factors when I analyze the film. I want it to be awesome all the time, but that may not happen. Nothing is guaranteed until I see for myself.
The television spots and trailers are incredible for Man of Steel. Distribution company Warner Bros. Pictures definitely knows how to market this type of film. It's aiming at the comic fans and beyond. I won't be surprised if the theatres are packed on its opening day and weekend.
I'm seeing Man of Steel a few days after its opening weekend. I can't wait any longer. I've seen the trailer a million times and I get very excited when I see it.
I'm writing a movie review for Man of Steel, so it will be posted a couple days after I see it. I can't say for sure it's an awesome film. Yes, I expect it to fulfill its hype and deliver epicness. Ask the folks who are seeing it in its opening weekend. You better let me know how awesome it is!
Are you seeing Man of Steel this weekend?


  1. More like month end but I anticipate good things as well.

  2. From the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, if you're a comic book fan, you'll love it.
    I'm taking off early from work to see it Friday!

  3. I do like Henry Cavill; the first time I saw him onscreen was in the film I Capture the Castle, and he was really good. He was also very good in The Tudors. I've already seen two movies this summer, which is all I can afford for now; I'll have to wait until Man of Steel comes out on DVD.

  4. <3<3 Henry Cavill <3<3
    I've loved him since Count of Monte Cristo. Loved him in Stardust, too. Can't wait for Man of Steel. Curious to see your review.

  5. I have to wait until next Thursday! A whole week :-( I am stupidly excited about this, and have been since Hubby pointed it out to me 12 months ago! That's a long time to be excited!!