Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Interview with Cindy Prascik

I'm introducing a new feature, Reviews by Cindy Prascik, so I can expand my film reviews and news on my blog. You'll still are able to read my point-of-view on films, but I also want to share a different perspective. I will feature Cindy's film reviews once a month or more besides blogfests, cover reveals, and blog tours. With that said, I'm interviewing Cindy before I begin her feature on here. You can also find Cindy's reviews on Random Mexican's Movie Review Extravaganza by Daniel Hernandez.

Without further ado, please welcome Cindy!
We met in a film group on Facebook. What made us get along so well?
I think most of the folks in the film group are agreeable and friendly. Doesn't mean we have to agree on everything, just means when we disagree, we do so respectfully. Makes for a good group!
What was your first cinematic experience? Did you fall in love with film at this time?
I honestly don't remember the first film I saw at the cinema. I'm 46, so it would have been many, MANY moons ago. I've always liked movies and going to the cinema, but only became such a regular when access to live music became mostly a thing of the past for me. Music is my real passion, but most good live shows are at least an hour from me and I don't drive. The cinema is ten minutes, it sort of defaulted into my number-one pastime!
What are your favorite films?
My alltime favorite movie is still Ferris Bueller's Day Off, though it's usually fair to say The Dark Knight and How to Train Your Dragon are also tied for the top spot. As I mentioned on Facebook just the other day, every time I re-watch The Social Network, it inches a little bit closer to being my number one. Favorite film genre is action/adventure (including sci-fi, fantasty, and super-hero flicks).

What is your favorite film genre?
Favorite film genre is action/adventure (including sci-fi, fantasty, and super-hero flicks).

What film genre annoys you? Why?
I don't do chick flicks of any variety. Period.

What is your favorite film director?
Favorite director is Tim Burton.
What are your favorite actresses and actors?
I have a Holy Trinity of favorite actors: Gary Oldman, Johnny Depp, and Russell Crowe, with Oldman being my actual favorite but Depp being the best of the three, I think. Not many actors have any real chance to crack the Trinity, but if someone were to do so, the likely suspects would be Ben Foster and Sharlto Copely. I know Copely's got a very limited filmography, but he amazes me. My favorite actress is Melissa Leo...been a fan since The Young Riders!

Do you prefer seeing films in the theatre or on home video?
I much prefer the cinema. I like BIG movies, and I like seeing them on the big screen!

How often do you visit the cinema? Is every cinematic experience memorable?
I'm at the cinema almost every weekend, with a handful of mid-week trips thrown in for good measure. I think every experience is memorable in its own way...though not always in a good way!

Do you save your film ticket stubs? If so, why?
I save all my ticket stubs, film and otherwise. Started doing it as just a sort-of memento, now I'm just in the habit. Also, it helps when someone wants actual proof that I saw the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie 34 times!

What do you look for in films that make them stand out?
I've mentioned a time or two in reviews, I'm very taken by the look of a film. If it's gorgeous to look at, if I like what they've done with set design and cinematography, it goes a long way towards giving me a positive opinion of the film. I'm also very actor-centric; I see a lot of movies that might not otherwise interest me solely because there's an actor I like in the cast.

You write movie reviews after you see films. What inspired you to write movie reviews?
I love to write and, quite honestly, I love giving my opinion. Bit of an egotist that way! My early MySpace reviews make me cringe a bit when I look back...too muddled and giving away WAY too much about the movies, but I'm learning to streamline and am generally fairly happy with my reviews (after obsessive editing, of course). Amusingly, I find it more entertaining to review movies I don't like, because those reviews are a bit funnier than four paragraphs of me gushing about how awesome Luke Evans is!
You use Weasleys as your film grading system. How did it originate?
That's an easy one. I'm a huge Potterhead and try to make it evident in pretty much everything. My screen names and URLs on all social media are Potter-related, it was just another way to keep a little bit of the Potter world in my blog.

Random Questions
Redbox or Netflix? Neither! I'm a Comcast girl!
Facebook or Twitter? Both, but I prefer Facebook.
Coffee or tea? Both, but more of a tea person.
Thank you Cindy!


  1. Welcome to Livia's Cindy and good luck with the new feature :)

  2. Fellow Potterhead and Depp fan present. So jealous that you get to the movies so often but I'm a cinema going fan myself. Glad Livia's having you here and welcome.

  3. How fun that you found a film critics group, Livia! It must be so refreshing for you to dish movies with others who share your passion. Yay!

    Fun interview too. Thanks Cindy for hanging around-- I look forward to reading your reviews. I'm not much of a movie butt, (and I love sappy chick flicks), but I also enjoy learning about new films and how to watch them with more awareness.

  4. Yes to Tim Burton! Loved the interview, Livia. Thanks for sharing Cindy with us! :D

  5. I like your genres of choice, Cindy! I'm a big movie and music fan as well.

  6. I am very late to this party, but I really loved this interview. I think Cindy is awesome and The Dark Knight is one of my fave movies as well as Ferris. And I think it's awesome that you are a Potterhead and use Weasleys as your grades.

    Awesome interview, Livia!!