Friday, May 3, 2013

2013 A to Z Reflections

We will be doing a reflections post again this year and invite all participants of the Challenge to join us.
~What did you enjoy about the Challenge?
~What could we do better next year?
~What issues did you encounter? (Word verification, unable to comment, long posts, etc.)
~Did you encounter many non-participants? (With help from our minions, we tried really hard to clean the list this year.)
~Theme or no theme – what seemed to work better?
~Did you find any great themes?
~Did you have fun and will you participate again next year?
The Linky List is live today and we ask you to add the link to your post, not your website, once you have posted. The Challenge hosts read every one, so we know where to improve for next year.

Sign up here!


  1. Sorry, didn't read the instructions closely enough. I shouldn't have added my link yet, as I won't post on this until later. Writer’s Mark

  2. I would like to find time to visit more blogs. I should have had my posts pre-prepared and then I would have had more time to make visits!

  3. I chose not to participate this year-- I saw from many reflections that it was a lot to keep up with. As a reader, it was a lot to keep up with as well! But there sure were some fun posts on there and yours were wonderful, Livia. I love your thoughts on movies.

  4. My post will be up on Monday. A-Z was great this year.

  5. This was my second year, and it was difficult for me because I'm way more busy than I was last year. I won't be participating again, but Blogging from A to Z is a lot of fun.