Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Tribute to Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert died on Thursday, April 4.
He was a film critic for the Chicago Sun-Times.
Roger Ebert is one of my idols as an aspiring film critic. He's one of the many film critics who inspired me to write film reviews. He taught me to have an open mind with films.
Ebert's fresh writing style incorporated a film analysis with one of a kind outlook and his honest opinion. I considered how he wrote reviews and I'm still trying to incorporate those things while not copying him.
I learned several lessons from Ebert when reading his film reviews to watching Ebert Presents At The Movies (hosted by AP film critic Christy Lemire and film critic Ignatiy Vishnevetsky). Look at film in a critical perspective, but at the same time share your honest opinion on a film.
I started writing film reviews in 2010 and many film critics has influenced how I write my reviews. Ebert influenced how I look at cinema such as "every great film should seem new every time you see it". I gained an appreciation for cinema because of him.
I respect film critics for what they do and I know, it's a tough job. Ebert made me realize to put your opinion out there. Don't stay silent because you have a voice. I love some films. I hate some films.
Ebert's film reviews are timeless and I will miss them. Siskel and Ebert used the trademarked Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down grading. I love their grading technique because it isn't confusing.
I critique films and write film reviews because of him. Ebert is a legend and an idol. He motivates me to keep following my dream and never give up.
Thank you Roger for your contributions to film criticism! You've made it thrive and it will continue to grow because of you. Roger Ebert will be greatly missed.


  1. Great tribute, Livia. I still recall seeing he and Gene 'doing there thing' at my grandmother's house when I was little. They really introduced me to cinema, if that makes sense. (We didn't have a movie theater in my little town, and this was pre-VCR days. :)

  2. I always loved watching Siskel and Ebert with my mom. He'll be sorely missed.

  3. I used to love watching his show. What an awesome tribute.

  4. I have a degree in Film (not that I use it, lol) and loved Ebert's reviews. He was perceptive and extremely intelligent. He'll be sorely missed. :(

  5. Truly a passing of someone who left great impression on this industry and set the bar high for those who follow.