Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Blog Blitz

Hosted by D.L. Hammons!
D. L. will select a deserving blog (that must be part of the Blitz Team) and a specific date.  He will then email the team members that information and on that date, we all will go out of our way to visit that blog and leave an encouraging comment on their most recent post.  Hopefully, over one-hundred comments will appear out of the blue in one day!
At first he'll pick who gets blitzed, but then he'll start taking recommendations from other members for deserving targets. His only restriction about who joins the Blog Blitz Team is that your blog cannot be primarily for commercial gain.
Sign up on the Linky here! Who's in? I'm definitely in!
This is more than your average blogfest. We're giving back to the community. How couldn't you not sign up for this? I urge you to sign up and encourage your fellow bloggers!


  1. DL came up with a really awesome idea!

  2. A great initiative! I can't wait to blitz somebody!

  3. Love this idea. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This sounds like so much fun. I love the idea of encouraging others!

  5. I'm already signed up! It's the best idea for a blog hop I've ever heard. Can't wait to get started! :)

  6. Totally's a great idea and a great community builder.

  7. I'm stopping by today from the A to Z challenge. Congrats on signing up! Good luck. This is my first year with the A to Z challenge, even though I've watched it grow over the last 3 years. I'm also taking part in the Reveal on the 21st. I'm trying to share some positivity (I love how this blog blitz gets that!!) with my #WriteMotivation friends on Twitter (and to help keep me positive in the process)
    Hope to see you around. :)

    Jamie Dement (LadyJai)