Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Awards Season

The Awards Season usually starts in September and ends in February with the Academy Awards. The 2012 season came to a close on Sunday, February 24. With that said, I'm giving you advice for the 2013 Awards Season.

1. See potential nominees before the televised ceremonies in January and February. That means see most of the potential nominees in theatres. It may be hard to pull off, but see as many films as you can before the buzz starts circulating. I've pulled off this feat since 2011 and it really helps. You can root for your favorite films and when they win, you'll be glad they won.

2. Have an open mind when seeing potential nominees. Films can range from mainstream to indie, art-house films. Look beyond your horizons when seeing potential nominees in theatres. Don't say, "This isn't my type of film, so I don't care if it wins." Watch the films to their full potential. These films have potential for a reason.

3. Watch the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards before the Academy Awards in February. By watching previous award shows, it gives you a feel for who will win big at the Oscars. It helps you to determine what you have yet to see in theatres and who you should root for on Oscar night.

4. Speak your opinion on your blog. You have a voice, so share what films you think will take home the gold. People will listen with an open mind and understand you're a huge film buff like me. Speaking your opinion can be the best thing you could do.

5. Do extensive research on the front-runners before the televised ceremonies. So you don't question, "Why did that film win?" and to understand it gained momentum leading up to its win.

6. It's all about momentum during awards season. Films gain and lose momentum leading up to their nominations and wins. Films don't win awards just because it's an "excellent film". Films must be loved by the voters to receive nominations and to win the awards.

7. Do say "film" when referring to the film industry. It gives respect to the filmmakers and the film industry. Film is an art- form and we should respect it for what it is.

8. Have some knowledge about film. Know the story structure of film: three acts - Act I (thirty minutes), Act II (sixty minutes or so) and Act III (varies) and persistence of vision (the images reflect on our eyelids for not even a second to make an illusion). Film is a powerful art-form and it reaches the masses. And so much more.

9. Don't see the nominated films at the last minute unless they're in limited or slow release. So little time and too many films. It's overwhelming. See the potential nominees on opening weekends, so you don't feel rushed in January.

10. Enjoy the films you see in theatres and the televised ceremonies. It isn't that bad to watch a film for two hours and film stars accepting awards. Just sit back and enjoy the show. And most importantly, root for your favorite films.


  1. My Oscar Fave one Best Movie, so I'm happy. :-D

  2. I try to see as many Best Picture nominees before the show, but since they increased the amount of nominees, that's been difficult.
    Once the show kicked off with Christoph Waltz winning Best Supporting Actor, I was good to go!

  3. Thanks to your enthusiasm, my family and I watched the Oscars for the first time in many years. We enjoyed all the beautiful dresses (my daughters especially), and loved seeing both films we enjoyed and films we hadn't seen be honored by the Academy. It is better when I've seen all the films that have been nominated, but it's still fun to watch even when I haven't.

  4. I'm not a big movie buff, Livia. But I've enjoyed keeping up with the shows through your posts on Facebook and here. I live vicariously. ;)

  5. I love watching movies, especially in the movie theater because seeing them on the big screen is a lot more fun than watching them on my laptop or on TV at home. And of course the movie theater popcorn tastes better than microwave popcorn. :)
    But unfortunately, I only get to watch a few movies a year, because they're pretty expensive. So I am not familiar with most of the movies that were nominated this year. I did like seeing pictures of the dresses people wore, though. It's fun to see what they wore and to imagine myself wearing a dress like that.

  6. Definitely good advice. I usually try to see the movies that are gaining buzz before the nominations are announced, but then after the noms are out, I see as many as I can. I saw 18 out of 41 this year.

  7. Speaking of awards...pop over to my blog and claim yours, Livia! Just copy and paste the questions and the badge then pass the award on to someone else! :)

  8. I can see it now...Livia will one day be the red carpet interviewer!!

  9. What a great list. I watched the Academy Awards and was very happy with all of the winners. REALLY happy that Jennifer Lawrence won for Best Actress. She was amazing in Silver Linings Playbook.