Saturday, December 29, 2012

Review: Les Miserables

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I wasn't here before the holidays because my internet was down for one week. I'm ending this year with my Les Miserables review!

This review is not like my regular reviews. I had a different experience with Les Miserables, so I'm giving you my personal and critical view on this film.

I had seen Les Miserables on Friday, December 28! I walked into the theatre with high expectations. I never been so excited for a musical film before. It was my first time because I heard about Les Mis a million times before and I knew it's based on a stage play of the same name. 
If you haven't seen Les Mis yet, you're better off lowering your expectations. I put my expectations too high and in the end, I'm a little disappointed. You should walk into the theatre with an open-mind because it may feel like you're watching a filmed stage play. I definitely felt that vibe, but if you haven't seen the stage version, you would want to see it afterwards. Les Mis should tour again and visit  Wisconsin! *fingers crossed*
I bought the highlights soundtrack a few days before I had seen the film. It is amazing! The orchestration is brilliantly done. It can easily get stuck in your head for a night, sing along with it and never fall asleep.

My aunt and I walked into the theatre thirty minutes before the scheduled showtime. Les Mis started at 12:55pm and we watched it. An alarm went off twenty minutes into the film. (It ended up being a false alarm. Thank goodness it was!) That alarm was unexpected. I was not missing Les Mis for anything. If that alarm was true, I would've seen it on Saturday, December 29. Nothing held me back now. Not when I have that to-die-for soundtrack and the awards buzz surrounding this film. After that commotion, we continued to watch the film. Moviegoers made an ovation at the end of the film.
Time flew by fast during this film. I didn't want Les Mis to end - the music, the performances, the setting, et cetera. I loved Anne Hathaway's (Fantine) "I Dreamed a Dream" and Samantha Barks' (Eponine) "On My Own". These songs are definitely the highlights of this film.
Les Mis needed more dialogue. The cast is literally singing their dialogue and it may be distracting. The music over took the story. You may concentrate on the music instead of the eye-opening story.
Les Mis delivers powerful messages about the poor. In the 1800s, The King gave advantages to the rich and none to the poor. The poor starved and had to work for everything. These people suffered and went through hell. It may have a deeper morale, but I was too distracted with the music.
I enjoyed this rare cinematic experience. I almost sang aloud, but whispered to "On My Own".  I was on Cloud Nine watching Les Mis - in my own little world with these characters and singing along in my head. I could've easily made my own show.
Les Mis is one of the best films of the year! If you're hesitant seeing this film, see it for the performances and music. You must see this in cinemas. The experience won't be the same on home video. It's an experience of a lifetime! B+
Les Miserables (2012) is rated PG-13 for suggestive and sexual material, violence and thematic elements.
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Have an awesome New Year everyone!
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  1. Haven't seen it, but I have seen the original stage production in London.

  2. Haven't seen the new version, but musicals don't usually have dialogue, the song is the focus. Remember West Side Story, Cats, or Hair?

  3. I am dying to see this! Very jealous you made it so soon! And thanks for the review! I definitely have to make it to this ASAP!!!

  4. my awaited review!! hahaha...bum rap. makes me just want to wait till the video...i mean i'll event wait till it hits HBO. :D maybe musicals aren't your fav?

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing this one with my girls, they love musicals.

  6. I'm glad you posted this review. I want to see this! :)

  7. Great review! I love Les Mis, but I've never liked a film adaptation. I prefer to see it on stage. I might get this one when it comes onto DVD, though.

  8. I've always loved the music from Les Mis. <3 I cannot wait to see this!

  9. I can't wait to see it! Hopefully this week. I've seen the Broadway production twice, and have the original soundtrack as well as the 10th anniversary DVD. Huge fan, if you can't tell. ;) My daughter has been listening to the movie soundtrack, but I won't touch it. I want to have the full impact at the theater, without any previous exposure to this rendition. I'm so intrigued by what I've seen with the backstage teasers, how they sang everything live during filming. From what I've heard of Anne Hathaway's performance during the trailers, I know I'll need to bring some Kleenex. LOVE her voice, love her acting. And Helena Bonham Carter! YEEE!! Love her! SO EXCITED!!

  10. cannot wait to see it! but surrounded by boys, i may have to wait for video version...

  11. splendid review, btw

    and happy new year!!