Monday, December 10, 2012

Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest

It's time to celebrate our one and only Alex J. Cavanaugh!
The King of the Blogosphere!
My Alex Ceremony
Let's get this party started now!
*dances to the Ninja music*
*claps for Alex J. Cavanaugh*
I never imagined Alex being so special in my heart.
Alex has supported, encouraged and inspired me from Day One and continues to do so.
Alex has whispered in my ear, "You can do this!"
I believe in Alex's every word and post!
I can't explain how and why I follow this gentleman.
I can only read his blog to find some explanation.
I love Alex for many reasons - his personality and kindness.
My heart races when I see Alex's name.
It's like I'm meeting a celebrity in the blogosphere.
I would love to meet Alex in person in the future.
I'm always dreaming this dream.
Alex has done so much for this community and contiues to do so.
I can't thank Alex enough.
Thank you Ninja Captain Alex!
~ ~ ~
The Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest
I have a poem, instead of flash fiction.
How It All Began and Continues
 Before I became a member in this writing community...
 Alex ignited a cosbolt in the air and the rest is history. 
Alex fiddles on his guitar while he comments on a million blogs before noon.
Every month Alex makes insecure writers feel secure with IWSG.
Writers around the world joined Alex's Ninja Army and became ONE.
We have in common the written word and as a family, we are the force of this.
We couldn't have done it without Alex.
Thank you Ninja Cavanaugh!
What does Alex look like?
Alex has dark black hair with blue eyes in comfortable clothes sitting on the couch with his laptop.
Who could play Alex in a documentary?
Liam Neeson. There is no one like Alex. Alex must play himself or I wouldn't see the film.
Who does Alex remind you of?
Santa Claus. Alex delivers presents (comments) to me every day. I love his short and sweet comments and they make my day. If he didn't visit my blog, I would die because he keeps me going.
Leave a comment for Mrs. Cavanaugh, thanking her for sharing.
Thank you Ms. Cavanaugh for everything! You have an incredible husband Mr. Alex Cavanaugh and be proud of that fact. You've encouraged me to never give up and continue to do so. You're both awesome!
Thank you Mark, Stephen, David and Morgan for hosting this awesome blogfest!
The Cheers, Cavanaugh Blogfest is one of the best parties I've participated in, besides Alex's - of course! It will go down in the history books!


  1. Liam Neeson - I totally agree! I can see him the same way. Also, Alex does remind me of Santa - he is so giving! :) Great poem! :)

  2. There's my favorite little blogger!
    That was really sweet, Livia. I've heard Santa Claus a few times today. Don't think I'm that good, but I try. And I just might look like that...
    Thanks again, so much! You are inspiring to ME.

  3. A wonderful post, Livia. Full of love.

  4. Livia, you are inspiring and this was a fun and fantastic tribute!

  5. Hi Livia,

    Very well said. A most thoughtful reflection on Alex who is getting his sleigh ready :)

  6. I missed the blogfest but loved your entry:)

  7. Alex is our blogging Santa. Only we get him all year instead of just one day. :))

  8. I get that image of comfy jeans, sitting with the laptop.

  9. I agree. There is no one like Alex!

  10. aha. I think that's the second Santa reference I've seen in this fest. Never thought of that before!

    Allison (Geek Banter)

  11. I think that's two Santa Clauses and two Liam Neeson votes I've seen today. Alex is definitely worthy of your admiration, Livia. Many in Bloggyville are so much farther along than we otherwise would have been without his perpetual encouragement and support. Long live Santa-, er, Alex! :-)

  12. Beautiful post, Livia. Let's get the part-ay started!

  13. Well done, Livia... once again, you fire up your spirit and out comes a unique post :)

    I haven't heard the Santa refernce - yet - but that is a funny thought :)

  14. Alex really is the Santa Clause of the writing community! Beautiful tribute to the Ninja Captain, great job Livia. (:

  15. He is the best! He has been so giving of himself and asked for nothing in return. Great man!

  16. Alex is a lot like Santa, bringing cheer to all throughout the year.

  17. Livia, this was very special. Brought tears to my eyes.

  18. Oh, very nice dedication! Alex IS a superstar!

  19. Such a lovely tribute to Alex, Livia. I think you're the second person I've seen to say he reminds you of Santa. It's cool, because even if no one else comments, you know Alex will!

  20. You are lovely, Livia! A beautiful tribute. Thanks so much for participating! <3

  21. He probably has his laptop on the couch, at dinner,and while waiting in line at the grocery store. Being glued to it is the only explanation for how he gets so much done!

  22. Ooh, Liam Neeson! He does write a million comments, doesn't he? Cheers, Alex!

  23. Liam Neeson - that's a good one. This is such a wonderful post for a wonderful person! ;)

  24. Poems or prose, it's the story that counts. Liam Neeson playing Alex? It might work.

  25. Great post, Livia!
    I think he's more like a sneaky little elf. LOL

  26. Nice entry. :-D

    I agree with you that only Alex should play Alex.

  27. Liam Neeson's a good choice! Hadn't considered him.