Friday, November 9, 2012

True Connections by Angie Cothran

Please welcome Angie Cothran!
First off, thanks Livia for letting me guest post today. It’s so fun visiting.
I wanted to post about something that we can all identify with—connection.
In this virtual world it’s easy to hide behind a computer or phone screen and still be connected. I’m firmly of the opinion that connecting in person is always better, but sometimes that isn’t possible. So how do we make these virtual connections true connections to others? I have a few ideas.
Be Yourself—It’s easy to try and be someone else online, but don’t do it. It will never last for long anyway. Who we really are will always leak out. The best compliment I ever received was from a friend I met on my blog and then met in person months later. She said, “You are exactly the same as you are online.”
Be Vulnerable—We all have struggles and weaknesses. When we open up about what is hard for us it makes us more approachable—more human. No one is going to believe you are perfect and people will love you all the more in your imperfections.
Be Kind—I’m not saying you have to be fake or never negative, but kindness goes a long way in a world that judges everyone so harshly. A few months ago during a blog hop I came across a blog that was all about being grumpy. The author was negative and mean in their comments. I’m not sure if this is really who they are in real life, but I couldn’t help feeling this was a gimmick. I wanted nothing to do it. There’s enough negativity in the world, we don’t need more.
Reciprocate—If others leave comments on your blog, reciprocate. Set up your comments so that you can respond to their comments by email. I’ve gotten to know other bloggers better just with the back and forth of email. And when they come to your blog—go to theirs. This can take time, but it’s worth it.
Time—It takes months to developed real relationships. Visiting someone’s blog everyday will help you know who they are. And as you leave them messages they will know who you are. It is a slow build up but soon you will find that you have a history together they you can both draw from.
True connections come from truly being yourself and truly caring about others—there is no other way. I look at bloggers who aren’t published or famous, but still have a lot of followers and they are all good at these things.
So go out and connect! You’ll make all kinds of friends who will help you in your writing journey.
Thank you Angie!


  1. I need to work on connection more. I'm always afraid they'll think I'm pushy if I respond to their comment emails. Yea, I'm the kind of person who always says my last name because I'm afraid that otherwise they won't know who I am. Even if I've known them for years.

  2. I agree with this completely and have worked hard to make those connections. To me, this is the biggest pay off for the time invested in both writing a blog and commenting on blogs. I love the conversation and relationships that can result. I'm in your "amen choir".

  3. Absolutely agree with these points, especially about the negativity. I mean, I like a little snark and attitude, but I really can't tolerate it when people attack others online.

  4. what a beautiful picture!
    and beautiful words to go with! aww!
    connecting online is easier than in person because you only reveal what you want, usually your best. but sometimes its harder because you are only judged by what you put out there!

    nice to see you, angie!

  5. Very good advice, especially the part about reciprocrating. I've read a few blogs where the blogger shut down the comments section, so that it was impossible for anyone to leave comments. But you could send the blogger an e-mail, though. I like leaving comments better, though, and I like being able to read other people's comments on the post. It's fun to respond to other people's posts.

  6. Angie, I couldn't have said it better!

  7. Livia, every time I read a post by this classy lady my respect for her grows.

    Angie, well said. All good points worth putting into practice.

  8. Hey,

    Like they say to Joe Mauer, I say to you: "Well played, Angie, well played."

    This post is so "on point" that I'm schooching next to Julie to get a good spot in the "amen choir."

  9. Excellent tips, Angie. I think I know what grumpy blogger you are talking about, too. Meanness will only alienate you online.

  10. great interview with tips, and all the PR for blog connecting!!

  11. A great post.
    Just be yourself, that is so true, and courtesy does not cost you anything.

  12. That's fantastic advice! Always be yourself.

  13. Definitely worth it to take the time to connect to other bloggers. You create your own communities that way.

  14. All so wonderful, Angie. You're a true blogger. I love your big heart!