Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween and a Mysterious Blogfest

 I hope you have a fun Holloween with lots of candy!

 Let's get down to business.
I have very exciting news to share with you!

The Mysterious Blogfest

There are only three weeks before the Linky list opens on November 19!
This blogfest will circulate around the blogosphere on December 10-12!
Your hosts for this party are
~Host: Mark Koopmans
~Co-host: Morgan Shamy
~Co-host: Stephen Tremp

I'm in suspense. I wonder what we'll be writing about.
I'm excited. It sounds awesome.
The excitement and suspense can't get better than this.
Can't November 19 come sooner?

 Nancy S. Thompson will be here tomorrow!
I'm nearing 100 followers so a party is coming soon! I will reflect on what I've learnt from this wonderful online writing community thus far and present my thank yous. I could have never done this without you!


  1. Hey,

    Many *mahalos* for promoting our stange, unique BlogFest.

    It's going to be fun - I promise :)

  2. Yep this one is a real mystery! Looking forward to your 'party' I recently achieved the magic 100 followers so planning a small giveaway to celebrate. Happy Halloween.

  3. You forgot the "Madman" part of Mark's name.
    Eager for Nancy's visit!

  4. Lots coming up and congrats on nearing the 100 mark!

  5. woo hoo! i love surprises & mysteriousness! cant wait!

  6. Thanks for the plug, Livia! It is going to be amazzzzzzing...

  7. I'm telling you, they're all teases. All of them. ESPECIALLY Mark :D

    And yay! I've followed Nancy's tour so I can't wait to read this!

  8. Nearly 100 Followers! You're passing me up, girl. :P hahaha What's your secret? :D

  9. Happy Halloween to you to. I'm dressing up for the first time ever - but not until Saturday!

  10. Teehee! I actually know what the mysterious blogfest is all about and I CANNOT wait! You, I know, will love it, Livia. See you tomorrow for my last stop!

  11. A party!!!

    And that blogfest has got me so curious! haha

    Happy Halloween!