Monday, October 15, 2012

Guest Post by Tara Tyler

I enjoy reading Tara's blog for many reasons. With that said, I had to invite Tara over here. I knew she would deliver something incredible and amazing. And it is.
Please welcome one of my best bloggy buddies Tara! I tell ya, she's something else!
Thank you so much for letting me come over, Livia!
Ya know, I used to love going out to the movies. I still do. The concessions - giant tubs of buttery popcorn, boxes of hard to find candy, pop and icees to make us look for a slow part of the movie when we can dash out because we can’t hold it any longer…And the people watching – young couples on a first date, older couples still holding hands, and groups of friends teasing each other.
Yeah, I miss all that, but it’s okay. We don’t go as often because of the darn high prices! I don’t know how it is in England, but here in the US, it’s around $10 a person! Holy cow! And 3D is more – to which I say don’t bother, it isn’t worth it yet. The thing is, I can get the entire experience at home. We have a huge screen with surround sound, comfy chairs, annoying talkers, tasty snacks and drinks that my kids think are free, and even the sticky floor sometimes.
So as busy and money conscious as we are, unless the movie is a much anticipated (The Hunger Games – worth it!) or total blockbuster (The Avengers– worth it!) we wait for the Pay Per View.
The only thing I can’t get at home are the awesome previews. I suppose I could find them online, but that is not the same and involves research – too much work!

How do you enjoy your movies these days? At the theater or at home? And what’s the last one you went out to see? Was it worth it?

Tara and VikLit are hosting I'm Thankful For...Blogfest on November 5-7!

You can check out Tara's blog here. Thank you Tara!
I went to see Argo last weekend. The performances, messages and direction by Ben Affleck are excellent! It keeps you in suspense until the very end sequence. Argo is not predictable which surprised me. I loved the actual footage throughout. It added authenticity to the film. Argo is one of the best films of the year! I highly recommend it. Argo is definitely worth seeing in the cinemas! Did you see Argo last weekend, too?


  1. We don't go to the movies a whole lot. Life is busy and we don't generally have free evenings. Not to mention by the time you add in a babysitter the cost doubles. Still, I love the movies and someday, when the kids are grown, we'll be able to go more often.

  2. We do both! I still enjoy the movie theater experience. Just try to hit the bargain matinee whenever possible. But like you, we have the big screen and surround sound. And 3D!
    And Argo is a great film!

  3. I've been really wanting to see Argo. I don't have time to go to the movies anymore! That sounds horrible I know. I'm so glad we can enjoy them at home. Plus at home, I get to watch in my PJs. Love that. ;) Great post ladies!

  4. S.P. - life always gets in the way, doesnt it! lots i want to do when kids are grown, wonder how movies will be then!

    Alex - i like the dollar theater too, but it's far...must rent argo, noted!

    Kimberly - pjs are the best for snuggling in for a movie!

  5. I seriously need to see Argo.

    Great post, Tara! We've been watching more things at home lately. $10 a month for unlimited rentals is better than $10 a person, one time. :)

  6. Nice to see Tara here! I don't get to movies much either, but I do have Netflix. I'm seeing everything a few months later.

  7. I've recently started going to the movies a bit more, maybe once a month with husband or friends. It is more affordable now the kids have grown up and don't want to come out with us!

  8. Great interview.

    Crikey in London you don't even want to KNOW what the cinema prices are. Suffice to say Leicester Square Odeon = £16 in the stalls ($25). Even my local cinema will probably cost me a tenner!

  9. I'm broke, so I'd rather wait and invest in a DVD. Though, like you said, there are some movies you have to see ASAP! :)

  10. I do Netflix mostly for those same reasons, that and I like smaller films and they are easier to watch on there then to drive far away to find them.

  11. The last time I went to the cinema I saw The Smurfs with my kids - but I had to leave after 10 minutes because the 3D affected my vertigo. I wandered around the local area until the film finished :-(

  12. David, netflix is the best!

    Theresa, seeing them later lets us know how everyone liked them or not =)

    Suzanne, i like the idea of a group date!

  13. Vikki, i love how you said crikey! and that is outrageous!

    Carrie, some arent even worth the dvd price!

  14. Libbby, small films are a great idea, i should look into that!

    Annalisa, oh no! the 3d in that movie was great at first, but we turned it off soon, too much can give a headache!

    and Livia, thanks again for having me!! it was fun!

  15. I totally watch at home! Then I can get to bed at a decent hour. Not to mention hitting pause when I have to go the bathroom ;) Although I will be seeing Les Miserables on the big screen!

  16. I LOVE movies, almost as much as books. And there are so many that look good. But it's just not in my budget anymore. So I wait until it comes to premium cable, like HBO. Sometimes I use Not very often since it feels like cheating. But man, are movies expensive! I use RedBox a lot, too. That's a ggod source for only $1.

  17. Gosh, I wish movies were still $10 here in Oz. Now we pay something like $15 or $16 and about $17 or $18 for 3D. Nope, I don't go to the movies so much anymore.

  18. JA, I saw a preview/making of Les Mis, I cant wait!! and Hugh Jackman!

    Nancy, I wait for hbo too , then i'm like, oh yeah, i wanted to see that =) the descendents came out sat!

    Lynda, movies in new york might be!

  19. Movies are SO expensive nowadays! I try to wait until they come out on DVD, unless it's something I really want to see and that will probably be better in theaters. I can't wait to see The Hobbit and Les Mis!

  20. You know, I hadn't even heard of Argo until I visited Alex's blog this morning... *hides*

    I'm so out of the loop! I'm a total scatterbrain. But Tara rocks. Thanks so much for having her here, Livia! You are awesome. :D

  21. Hi Livia and hi Tara,
    Yes, it's actually me, the alleged human that writes over at my site. Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star, now a superstar, has kindly allowed me to have back my blog! :)

    Anyway, where was I? Indeed, where am I? Oh yeah, I would love to go to the movies more often. My son goes to a lot of the releases over here in lil' ol' England. A movie in Britain costs between 7 to 10 pounds, so roughly the same as the States or Canada.

    We are going to get a 3D televison when we move. Although, we might have some logistics problems with getting a pair of 3D glasses to fit Penny!

    And Argo is a film not really heard of here.

    Take care and happy writing to you both.


  22. I don't see many movies in the theater, but we have Netflix, we Redbox, we buy new releases, and we even go to Blockbuster sometimes. I love watching movies!

  23. Hey,

    Gosh, it really has been *years* since we went to the movies (three boys under six... need I say more :)

    It was only last month that I discovered Netflix and OH. MY. How awesome is *that.*

    For anyone wanting a *GREAT* ten-series show... watch MI-5, the English show about the intelligence service, the "spooks."

    It is amazing, and rocking the baby to sleep is once again a joy :)

  24. I just love Tara...for all the reasons here :)