Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Guest Post by Mark Koopmans

Mark Koopmans
I'm new to hosting guests so bear with me. I'll have so much fun hosting incredible writers. You can see the guest list here.
Without further ado, please welcome my first guest Mark Koopmans! *claps*
This writing community, here in our small piece of the Blogisfear, is so awesome that I wanted to take a moment to comment on all of you.

Actually, if I were to comment on all of you, it would take more than 500 words, and I’d hate to cause severe cases of Eyeglazingoveritis.

Instead, I’d like to show (not tell) how awesome y’all are using a sample selection of the 2,065 comments drawn from my 119 posts.
Here we go
“I wish I could hug everyone who has helped our country or fought for it, because of them I'm free today. Thanks for your post, and your wife really sounds like a great person for giving of her time.” -Melanie Fowler on Veterans Day: The Late Warrior & an Early Story (11.10.11)
“Meh, it would take too long to talk about my self-doubt and I'm in too good a mood, so I'll just say, I love your writing - as evidenced by the fact that even when I don't get time to read blogs, I save yours and read them days later. Keep on doing more of this stuff you do next year :-)” -Sarah Pearson on Self-Doubt.I *Think* I'm Good - How 'bout You? (12.23.11)

“*grinning from ear to ear* How fun to get a little back story, Mark! And the pics are so great! "Dodgy-looking" and the "Electric Slide" made me laugh. so. hard. It *is* a relief to know that you don't need the perfect resume in order to be successful... it really does just take time and work and belief. Love it. Thanks for sharing. :D” -Morgan Shamy on ORIGINS Hop - How I Became a Journalist (02.13.12)
“I don't care where you are at in your manuscript, ‘You’re a great Papa.’ is worth far more.” -Alex J. Cavanaugh on IWSG: Worried About WIP :) (03.07.12)
“This is so touching and I feel certain that your Oma helped you find this in time for the blogging challenge. So you know she is looking down and proud of what you have become and that you are passing you passion for books on to your own children. D was very funny.” -Melissa Sugar on In honor of Oma, and her 1974 A-Z Challenge :) (04.05.12)

“Another awesome surprise! You're full of them, Mark. But that's what makes you so full of awesome sauce! :)” -David P. King on EuroDisney Opening Crew 20 Years Ago Today :) (04.17.12)
“What a great interview! I love that you write to prove to your kids that though it’s hard, you can do it. You can do anything. And you will my dear! That story is amazing!!! :) Thanks for the interview Mark!” -Kelley Lynn on Guest Interview with Leigh Covington :) (05.09.12)
“Keep on doing whatever you're doing, and the only superhero suit you need is for being a superdad! You're able to accomplish a lot more than I do, and my boys' are grown.” -Julie at Empty Nest Insider on IWSG: Am I A Bad Blogger? ... I AM??? (06.08.12)

I’m leaving you with this song because everywhere I click, all I read are Beautiful People. Enjoy!

You can check out Mark's blog here. Thank you Mark!


  1. Wow, what a close up:)

    PS... I forgot to let everyone know that Oct. 14 is "Bald and Free" Day:)

    Thanks, Livia, for having me over - that was fun :)

  2. Now that was a great way to honor and show appreciation for everyone! Mark, you the man! And we are blessed to know YOU.

  3. Lovely post. Writers are the nicest and most supportive bloggers!

  4. Amen to that! The blogosphere is teeming with helpful and genuine peeps. It's so amazing to have this community.

  5. Great post Mark, couldn't agree more. The on line writing community rocks because of folks like you. Truly. (:

  6. Sometimes reading the comments is as fun as reading the post. Here I got both!

  7. Great post. Those comments rock!

  8. Great idea for a guest post, Mark. Always good to share a little spotlight with your followers when you get the chance. I think you're like me, in that being the reason we blog in the first place. The connecting is what makes all of this special and worthwhile.

  9. This has to be one of the coolest guest posts I've seen (and btw, I meant every word when I said that months ago). Thank you for being the ultra awesome blogger you are (as you can see, I say awesome way more than is humanly acceptable). :)

  10. There's a ton of great bloggers out there, most of whom we'll never read, but what makes any one blog more enjoyable to me is the interaction that can take place between a blogger and his "family" of followers. Those interconnections make it all worthwhile. Great post.

  11. New to following Livia's and Mark's blogs and am even more glad I am.

  12. @Alex: Thanks, and stop now, you'll make a bald man blush :)

    @Annalisa: I agree! That's why I thought this would be a neat idea:)

    @Pk: Thanks for stopping by to comment and we are a lucky bunch... thank goodness we're writers and not librarians (it might be a bit quieter out here in the Blogisfear :)

    @Elise: ((hugs)) Thanks :)

    @Brinda: I had a *ton* of fun going through my old posts :)

    @Michelle: Thanks! Glad you liked them... people are so generous sometimes :)

    E.J.: Dude, you just crack a brother up, and then you show your serious side, too. That's what I'm talking about :)

    @Elizabeth: Yes, our bloggy family is awesome... now give me back my pen and pad... it's MINE.... Ma? Maaaa? Ma, "Beth" won't give me back my stuff..." :)

    @DPK: Dude, *you* are awesome. 'Nuff said. (You also win today's free bottle of Awesome Sauce :)

    @Susan: I so agree... perhaps more than a few of us have passed each other in the street and we never knew - but here we have a real connection, which is great :)

    @Julie: Thanks for making my day, Julie :)

  13. Aww! Such great comments! It's an awesome community we have. :)

  14. Oh my! I made the post! Thanks Mark!

    And thanks Livia for hosting!

  15. What a neat idea for a post, Mark! Loved it! :D

    And good job on the kick-off of your guest posting, Livia. You're doing great! :)

  16. Aw, I love Mark. And obviously, so does everyone else. He's a true gentleman.

  17. @Cherie: Awesome is as awesome does, right :)

    @Kelley Lynn: How could I have ignored such a great comment :)

    @Melissa: Thanks... I was just trying to think out of the box :)

    @Nancy: OK, that $20 will be deposited forthwith in your Piggy Bank account :)

  18. What a sweet blog post! Aren't comments the best. Some of the nicest people are found in this corner of the blogisfear!

  19. @Lara: Thanks :) (PS... love how you spell "Blogisfear.")


  20. Awsome commentors must mean awesome blogger! :)

  21. Oh my gosh! I'm late to the party! Hahahaha... Mark, this was TOO awesome... How clever! And I'm so glad you're showing not telling *snicker* ;)

  22. @Suzi: (looks around) you must mean someone else, but thanks:)

    @Morg: No worries, and don't you know friends are allowed to be fashionably late :)

  23. The blogosphere is great, Mark. Great post.

  24. When I first ventured onto planet blogisfear I had no idea whether its inhabitants would be friendly or indifferent or turn me into fertilizer. What a surprise to find such a vibrant, helpful, funny, inspiring, and supportive community!
    A great post, and reminder that great conversations happen in the comments too, not just in the posts. :)

  25. @M Pax: Thanks, Mary, glad you liked it :)

    @Kirsten: I think you're safe from being turned into fertilizer - and I agree, some of the best conversations come in the comments :)

  26. What a great way to say thanks! You're absolutely right - the blogging community of writers is so supportive.

  27. @Nicole: Cheers, and you are one of the most supportive I know :)