Thursday, August 30, 2012

Review: Hope Springs

It’s never too late to chase what you really want in life whether it is restoring intimacy in your marriage and vacationing in a small town called Great Hope Springs in Maine. Hope Springs is one of the best films of the year and a cinematic rarity that delivers to its target audience: mature ladies. This film will go above your expectations for a romance-comedy.

Kay and Arnold (Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones) have been married for thirty-one years and they’ve lost the spark in their marriage. They live in Omaha, sleep in separate beds and have a sexless marriage. Kay wants to reignite the spark and she’s tired of their routine – she makes Arnold eggs and bacon, he eats breakfast and reads the newspaper and heads off to work. Kay visits a local bookstore where she discovers a book by Dr. Bernie Feld (Steve Carell). She buys the book and starts reading it in bed.

In her separate bedroom, Kay visits Dr. Feld’s website where he says “It’s never too late…” Kay is convinced so she buys the intensive couples therapy and plane tickets. She then has to persuade Arnold and he’s skeptical about it. Arnold wants to make Kay happy so he goes on the plane with her to Maine.  Once Kay and Arnold are there, they go to the therapy sessions and try their best.

When it’s almost too late, Arnold realizes he has to appreciate his wife more and vice versa. The end sequences are the most touching and heartfelt.

Streep and Jones are almost perfect as the couple. Streep makes the film realistic in every sequence. Jones make the couples therapy like a chore with an attitude. Carell is spectacular at being serious with delivering some laughs. His performance may be the most surprising of them all.

Hope Springs delivers strong messages. Don’t take your spouse for granted. Appreciate your spouse because he\she is standing up for you no matter what. Always love your spouse with vibrant feelings. Sex isn’t the only thing in marriage. It’s the love that makes a marriage.

Hope Springs is filled with sincerity and heart. It makes you have hope for Kay and Arnold and this is its strongest suit. You must realize there are challenges in every marriage and overcoming them with your spouse will make you stronger as a couple. It proved this without giving a lecture.

Hope Springs will leave you smiling despite its subject-of-matter. In the end, Hope Springs is pure entertainment for an underserved audience who so deserve it. B+


  1. Okay, this is going on my to-be-watched list. Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. love the lessons. so many movies advertise divorce as freedom from a lazy marriage. but if they dont work at it the first time, what makes them think they will succeed the next time?

    thanks for the review!

  3. And I hope my wife and I never get to that point in our relationship!

  4. When I saw the preview I wasn't interested in this, but I am now. Sounds like a great story with a great message!

  5. I didn't really like this one much, but I think maybe I'm just getting too close to that age group and it scared me!

  6. Hope Springs sounds like a good film to watch.

  7. The Fugitive's Tommy Lee Jones in marriage counseling?! I can totally see that...NOT! LOL This one sounds great. :)

  8. Love hearing what you thought of this movie. I've heard mixed reviews.

  9. Loved hearing what you thought of this, I was wondering. And that love that you write movie reviews, now following, look forward to reading more of them!

    Thanks for visiting my IWSG post!