Friday, August 3, 2012

August Movie Preview

This month lacks quality movies. Many films are mediocre and predictable. There are only a few gems that are released in August. The Help was a must-see last year. I highly doubt there will be another The Help this August: eye-opening story and box-office success.

Friday, August 3

Total Recall
I’m expecting this film to have an original story and foreshadowed action sequences. I have high expectations for good performances. This film will be mindless entertainment and that’s what I enjoy most. Predicted Grade: B-

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days
I know this film will have a terrible story and performances. This will be the worst film to see in theatres. Don’t see it to save your soul. I will wait to critique this film on home video. Predicted Grade: D

Wednesday, August 8

Hope Springs
I anticipate this film will have satisfactory story and performances. The fact remains it will have a predictable story. I will enjoy this film to its fullest. Thank Godsh Meryl Streep stars in this film. Otherwise, I would skip it. Predicted Grade: B

Nitro Circus the Movie 3D
I will not see Nitro Circus in theatres or on home video.

Friday, August 10

The Bourne Legacy
I’ve seen the previous Bourne films. I expect this film to have repetitive clich├ęs, common performances and derivative action sequences. If you’re a fan of Bourne and action films, see The Bourne Legacy. This film should be worth your money to see in theatres based on the trailer. Predicted Grade: C

The Campaign
I will not see The Campaign in theatres or on home video.

Wednesday, August 15

The Odd Life of Timothy Green
This film looks the most original out of all the releases in August. I hope the story and performances are as good as they sound. Predicted Grade: B+

Friday, August 17

This film stars Whitney Houston so it has to be congenial. I expect this film to have dance-in-your-seat music and first-rate performances. Predicted Grade: B

This film looks like a preview to October: scary but wait, The Possession will be even more appalling. I’m skipping this film and will critique it on home video. Predicted Grade: B

The Expendables 2
I will not see The Expendables 2 in theatres or on home video.

Wednesday, August 22

Hit and Run
I will not see Hit and Run in theatres or on home video.

Friday, August 24

Premium Rush
This film looks like previous action films. That’s all I’m going to say. I may not critique this film on home video Predicted Grade: C-

The Apparition
I will not see The Apparition in theatres or on home video.

Wednesday, August 29

I will not see Lawless in theatres or on home video.

Friday, August 31

The Possession
I will not see The Possession in theatres or on home video.

There you have it. August films are stuck-in-the-middle. I'm expecting one gem out of all these films. I wonder which one. I'm betting it will be Hope Springs, if not Sparkle.  


  1. Hmm. I was hoping for some good movies, especially since it's almost vacation time for us. Maybe I'll check the local "cheap theater"--older movies, but good ones and cheap to boot.

  2. My wife and I watched Total Recall this past weekend. I was truly entertained. Lots of adrenaline. It was different enough from the original that it felt like a completely different movie, otherwise I'd likely have been more irritated that they never left Earth.

    We're thinking about watching the next Bourne flick, but haven't decided yet. We've already watched more movies this year than the last two years combined and they're not that cheap any longer.

    Of course, I'm really waiting for the Hobbit and Ender's Game movies.

    Nice blog!